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NOTE: This is for information purposes only and not a reflection of how or do business.
This is very important concerning the validity of products purchased on the internet.
I have taken a position of telling the consumers the truth instead of deceiving them.
This page is for information purposes, so you the consumer can make a better buying decision.
Some of the information here might be out of date as it has been compiled over about 8 years!!

Update 8/2013

Other recent companies that have contacted me either to remove the line from the site or put prices to MAP. Massive Audio, Linear Corp, Pioneer Pro DJ (Remove It All),  Sirius / XM Radio, Clarion, Bazooka,  Peerless, Optoma,  Scosche, Gemini,  and a number of others. Many have tried to stop the web and given up because it is too easy to be anonymous these days online. PO Box or no address, no phone number and all your transactions run through PayPal or Amazon..  I have even had regional reps "advise" me on how to  take your own pictures,  write your own or have no discription,  and then you can violate pricing policies.. 

UPDATE 2/02/2011
Starting in 10/09 Onkyo Cut off all distribution of their line to stop sales to unauthorized dealers. This followed with Harman International (Infinity, JBL, Harman Kardon) cutting of distribution in November.  After that a spree of manufacturers went after me and my site and many of the distributors that I know of that sell to internet sellers, ebayers, amazoners, etc..  Most manufacturuers wanted each and every buyer that bought through distribution to sign contracts aggreeing to follow MAP, Minimum Advertised Price, or they will not be able to get that line through distribution. The only other means is direct, or in most cases these days, SIDEWAYS with no serial numbers.... Many you may know, some you may not but include, Samsung, Marantz, SoundStream, JVC,  Denon DJ,  Panamax,  Cerwin Vega, Sanus Systems, Security Man, MACE Security, Breckertron, and others...  CES 2011 was 1 month ago.. I have already received Emails from Liquid Image and Lowrance GPS.  I am authorized for Directed Electronics who own Polk Audio, Orion, Viper, Clifford, Python, Avital, and Definitive Technologies... 01/22/2011 ALL dealers received a email from their respective reps warning that DEI would be tracing serial numbers and cancelling contracts with ANYONE breaking MAP pricing..  I also received internet MAP selling contracts from Epsilon Electronics who own SoundStream, Precision Power, Power Acoustik, Farenheit, SPL and Kole Audio.. As of 2/1/2011 any dealer that breaks MAP will get cancelled and they will be contractually obligated to pay back 10% of their dealer discount for all purchases for the previous 6 months from the date of the infraction...  You buy $50K from them and get caught, you are on the hook for at least $3K or so.. JBL's contracts are 3x that amount. This is just the beginning, over time consumers will see more and more lines disappearing from most sites or listed at more respectful manner. Consumers have been getting electronics as if they were stereo shops ad custom installers for years now and unfortunately that day is done..  You either take the high road like Crutchfield or you play hide and seek... I am taking the high road..  As I have been saying for years, get your emails ready. It is almost time for everyone to send an email to Ebay thanking them for allowing any person with a pulse to sell $10,000 amps for $5 profit on their service. Jokeofa websites like that that allow people to act like businesses with no ACTUAL business characteristics should not exist... Gray market, stolen products, ripoff schemes, Duff Beer, Grilled Cheese with Jesus's face on it, and all kinds of crap are sold on Ebay for profit, for commision..  It is time that goes Bye Bye... Ebay is another story lower on this page..  Mark my words,  you will all see in the coming months, companies that normally carry certain lines will no longer have them, some of the low grade dealers online like Dealercostcaraudio, car stereo needs, etc.  will end up gone entirely.  Consumers will be left with ACTUAL dealers for the products, REAL businesses with no warranty issues, valid serial numbers, full support, etc.. Consumers will not be left with what I call the finger warranty... If consumers are smart enough they will be able to get deals, they will just have to put a little more work into it.. They won't be able to bot it up on google and find 100 dealers in a database all making $1 on a $100 product and all within $.05 of eachother...  Don't get me wrong...  I started this, when I started in 1995 Ebay was 6 months old, I was making prifit online before I started doing this to help people get deals on higher end gear that I had just paid retail price for.. That is what made me think of doing it, that is why I put up the pages to sell it..  I did not think 16 years later, I would be nickel and dimed to $20 profit on a $1000 amp only to have them call back cause they hooked it up wrong, blew it up and now they want a warranty on my dime...  That is not retail, that is not business, that is the SWAP MEET... Should a Samsung 65" 1080P  240Hz 3D TV be sold at the swap meet by a guy that doesn't know the difference between that and his 13" B/W CRT??? Besides its bigger???  No.. But it goes on all day long on Ebay and the rest of the net all in pursuit of who can sell the most expensive thing with the least amount of profit on it... 10% is the going rate... My company has molded and adapted through these issues and as I have told 1000 people on the phone.. I will be the last one standing cause all the rest got cut off...  You are always welcome to call with any questions or clarification...

Old Info:: I have personally received letters from Kicker, Rockford Fosgate, Yamaha, Harman International, Russound, BelTronics, Clarion, MTX, Sanus, JBL, Denon, Sony,  Cadence.. Basically telling me (and everyone) to stop selling their products online.. I have also gotten calls from Phoenix Gold, MB Quart, Elan, and various others.. Most internet sites have taken the position of deceiving the consumer and telling them that their products come with FULL manufacturers warranties.. There is no truth to this at all. You can call or visit many of the manufacturers websites now where they warn you that they do not allow internet sales and offer no factory warranty for products purchased on the internet. In addition manufacturuers will not update firmware, or  replace recalled products.

links are below...

Here are the 2 main rules that are broken by selling on the internet.

1. Trans-shipping: Receiving products in your store and shipping them to other parts of the country infringing on another dealers territories.
2. Price structure: You are not allowed to advertise below certain price level designated by the manufacturers. This is basically Crutchfield type pricing. The reason for that is to level the playing field so each dealer is not nickel and dimeing eachother on a $3000 LCD TV. Dealers can sell the product face to face or on the phone at whatever price they want. The problem with this is that most of the people selling on the internet do not know what they are selling so they do not want to have to answer any questions cause it will make them look stupid.. If the customer  feels the retailer is not knowledgeable about the products, they will be much less likely to buy from them. 

If you break these rules you can and will lose your dealership
Polk Audio can in fact sue you for triple the money you SHOULD have made on the products. BY contract..

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Companies that work on behalf of the manufacturers to shut off internet sales.


For proof about what manufacturers are saying look here..
ESCORT Radar Check out this list!!

Pinnacle Speakers
Planet Audio
Memphis Car Audio
Polk Audio
MMats Pro Audio
Proficient Speakers
Rockford Fosgate
Diamond Audio    Right on the front page!

Earthquake Sound


JL Audio


Other manufacturers that do not honor internet sale warranties. Kenwood Excelon, Clarion, Toshiba, Aiwa, AutoTek, Focal, Dynaudio,  JBL, Aiwa, Sony, Sony ES, Audio Control, Precision Power, JVC Digifine,  OZ Audio,  ADS, Cadence, SoundStream, Infinity, Yamaha, Denon, Harman Kardon, Orion, Clarion, Kicker, pretty much all of them at this point...

Serial number removal
 Think about this folks.. You get pulled over by a police officer and they search the car.. They find your amplifiers, speakers with no serial numbers on them... Is the equipment stolen??? Who really knows... But.. it is a possibility you could get your equipment confiscated..

Almost every line in car audio is having serial numbers removed ... Kicker, Polk, Alpine, Kenwood Excelon, Infinity, Eclipse, Nakamichi, all of them.. This is what is called "Gray Market" folks. Dealers do this as regular business like it is just OK to do.. Serial number removal has become a normal part of internet sales and seems to go "unsaid" or hidden by the dealers the stuff is bought from..Keep in mind that if the dealer you buy from goes out of business and you have no serial numbers.. You will get no warranty from the manufacturer.. Period!   Additionally if they go out of business you will have noone to turn to for help on your $400 amp, or $600 CD Player..  Remember online that price is not everything.. The cheapest price usually means that that is the person hiding in their closet the best and having the least customer service. Most online retailers get the stuff from their sources without serial numbers on the boxes.

Also remember that all you need is a spreadsheet and $50 per month and you can be a "retailer" online..

I spoke with about 20 manufacturers at the show CES 2001-2005  in Las Vegas and all had the same issues with the net.. NO INTERNET SALES..

BBB Online, PriceGrabber, Bizrate, Google Wallet, Verisign, CNET, GOMEZ Online... Read More
A member service only. Pay your dues and you are a certified member.. Even if you take the serial numbers off your products. They will not and do not look into your business practices.
Click Here for all kinds of E-bay Scams

People that have submitted fraudulent orders to Thunder Audio Video

Home Audio Retailers

Car Audio Retailers

The internet has come to this.. Who will go down to $1 to make a sale.. At that margin how can a dealer survive?? How can they fulfill a warranty when they are clearly not authorized by the manufacturer? How can we do anything for you if the dealer makes $1?? You tell me.. Unprofessionalism and criminal activity revolve around many websites online but how do you know.. All you see is a "store" which is nothing but pictures and text . Charles Mansion could be running a site and by the looks of it you think it is run by Mother Theresa.

Keep this in mind people .. In order for a company to stay in business you need to make money.. If you want swap meet style selling then go there it is Sunday in your local abandoned drive-in.. If you want dealers that are knowledgeable, have warranties, and get good legitimate prices and product then do your homework.. Don't spam every retailer online asking for the "best price" and have them all battle for the $5 they get from you. That is not business, that is a joke. 

Many more sites list the same as well.. If you need any further explaination call the tech line or e-mail.. This is not to scare people it to inform you as to what is REALLY going on. The internet is turning GRAY MARKET and I hate to see it happen!! When I started this almost 15 years ago I never thought it would come to cutting off serial numbers and lying to everyone.

Jerry Edwards

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