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AM Advantage
AM 1000

US$ 33.79

  • The AM Advantage Dramatically improves the AM reception on ANY stereo system tuner, receiver or portable radio! Now you can experience AM radio like you've never heard before. The TERK AM Advantage antenna combines technology with tuning convenience and flexiblity to give you the clearest AM reception and maximum value from ANY radio. It requires NO connections, batteries, or power cords!
  • The TERK AM Advantage (model AM-1000) antenna is a non-powered, fully adjustable indoor AM antenna designed for extended range capability. The antenna receives AM frequencies 535KHz to 1700KHz for local and distant AM reception.
  • TERK's Pin-Dot & trade; Pre-Tuning matches the specific AM frequency on your radio to give you superior reception...
  • TERK's AM Advantage antenna with Pin-Dot ™ Pre-Tuning lets you tune out noise and static reception so you can listen to your favorite AM stations with the clearest reception ever. TERK's Pin-Dot ™ Pre-Tuning adjusts its own antenna to match the specific frequency of the AM station you're trying to receive. By simply rotating the dial located at the center of the antenna, you will be able to tune in the best AM reception possible.
AM/FM Antenna
AF 1

US$ 49.99

  • Radio today is crowded with more stations than ever before. Electronic products and high-tech equipment often cause noise and interference that can make enjoyable radio listening difficult. Quality programming is available for you to enjoy - provided that you have the right antenna to receive it.
  • The Terk AM.FM Q gives your receiver the purest signal possible in a stylish-looking product that looks great with your entertainment system.
  • Features
  • Pin-Dot Pre-Tuning Locks in hard to get stations.
  • High-gain, Low-noise Amplifier Adjustable for varying reception conditions, range from -20dB to +44dB.
  • Narrow/Wideband Tuning Modes Switchable for narrow (weak and distant signals) or wide for local, stronger stations with less noise.
  • LED Display Indicates status of amplifier gain, tuning mode and tuned bandwidth.
  • The Q will bring in more stations with greater clarity and is adjustable for all reception conditions. Use the Terk AM.FM Q with your top-quality audio-video receiver or stereo tuner. Use the Q when your needs are varied - distant and local reception, some interference and a crowded dial. 
AM/FM Plus
AF 9330

US$ 16.89 

  • The Terk AM.FM Tower solves reception problems in most areas and offers amplification of the incoming signals. Use of the internal amplifier is a benefit since most signals are affected by buildings, distance and even other radio stations. The Tower helps your receiver to get the clearest reception possible of the station you have tuned in.
  • Features
  • Adjustable Gain Amplifier, From 0dB to +25dB Improves quality of station being received.
  • AM and FM Antennas in One Unit Easy to hook-up.
  • Omnidirectional Element Design Receives equally well in all directions.
Gamma Loop

US$ 38.99 

  • The AM.FM (pi) ensures quality radio reception with virtually any audio receiver under most reception conditions. Used appropriately, the (pi) brings in more stations clearly and from greater distances with less noise than a conventional wire antenna. AM and FM reception is improved through use of high-grade parts assembled in an attractive housing.
  • The (pi) is recommended when reducing noise is more important than receiving distant signals in most locations. Turn down its amplifier for urban and local reception.
  • Features
  • Gamma-Loop Technology Reduces noise before amplifying the FM signals.
  • High-gain, Low-noise Amplifier Adjustable for varying reception conditions, range from -20dB to +42dB.
  • Moveable AM Loop Antenna Lessens interference between AM and FM antennas in the (pi).
  • Omnidirectional/Directional Receives FM signals in either pattern - lies down for omni, position upright for directional.
Terk FM Pro
FM 50

US$ 69.59

  • The new FM Pro is Terk's most ambitious FM antenna to date. FM Pro is a long-range powered FM antenna designed for the high-end FM consumer. Mounted indoors or outdoors with a totally unobstructed installation, the FM Pro provides the FM radio enthusiast with a unique blend of installation ease and exceptional reception. You won't believe your ears.
  • Because the Pro can be mounted either indoors or outdoors, on a roof top or the side of your house, upstairs in the attic or proudly displayed as part of your audio components, the FM Pro is Terk's most versatile and powerful stereo antenna. The amplifier is housed inside the antenna and is powered via an included power injector that sends voltage directly through the coaxial cable and into the antennas amplifier.
  • Encased in a sleek, paintable weather-proof housing, the FM Pro's design dispels the myth that powerful antennas must be ugly.
  • Features
  • Design and Engineering Engineered for superior reception across the entire 88 - 108 MHz FM band
  • Amplifier (Switchable) Remotely switchable amplifier compensates for varying reception conditions. Gain is 0 or +11dB of amplification.
  • Easy Installation 3 stainless steel screws attach the FM Pro anywhere indoors or outdoors.
Terk FM 4000 
FM Edge

US$ 25.99 

  • Utilizing Terk's new Dual Drive Amplifier (DDA) circuitry, the FM Edge's signals are captured virtually noise-free. This unique DDA feature -- with a gain range from 0 to +36 dB minimizes noise in the FM signal with a two stage filter/amplifier before boosting broadcast frequencies.
  • Reception sensitivity is enhanced with the newly developed Advanced Capture Circuitry (ACC), which helps lock onto signals in crowded areas, and also to improve reception for lower-powered signals.
  • The Edge shows no bias towards any one system as it hook-up to all receivers, tuners, and mini-systems.
  • Features
  • Dual Drive Amplifier Minimizes noise in the FM signal with a two stage filter/amplifier.
  • FM Amplifier Gain 0 to +36dB adjusts for changing reception conditions.
  • Advanced Capture Circuitry Improves reception sensitivity for low power signals
  • Easy Hook-up Connects to all receivers, tuners and shelf systems. 


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