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Earthquake Quake 10.0 / MiniQuake Military Grade Tactile Transducer
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500 Watt Tactile
Transducer (Shaker)

US$ 319.95
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Earthquake MiniQuake 500W Transducer Shaker

  • Features
    No Delayed Sound Effects
    Tactile output 100% of the input signal
    Universal Mounts
    Platform Mounting
    Chair Mounting
    Flat wire aluminum voice coil
    Thermal Protection
    Rugged Cast Aluminum heat sink
    1.5" Excursion at 22Hz

    Frequency Response 15-50 Hz
    Impedance 8 Ohms
    Recommended Power 20-500 Watts
    Dimensions 3.5" H X 3.125" W X 3.125" D
    Bracket Dimensions 3" H X 5.75" W X 5.0625" D
Quake 10.0 

1000 Watt Tactile
Transducer (Shaker)

US$ 199.95
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  • Subharmonics On Steroids- The Quake 10.0 is an awe-inspiring subharmonics unit designed for special effects enhancement. You can now add super powerful, low frequency effects without using costly hydraulics or bulky subwoofers. 
  • Control sound pressure levels throughout your home, car, attraction or venue by effectively isolating the low end to your seats and flooring. The Quake 10.0 virtually eliminates low end "resonating" into adjoining areas. 
  • Designed for superior music quality, the Quake 10.0 answers the need for both accurate low frequency response and maximum tactile effect. Music has never been more powerful and effective. 
  • Insane Power - One Quake 10.0 can easily replace 3, 4, or even 5 commonly sold shakers and move 2 or 3 theater seats or a sizeable platform. 
  • More Accurate - Designed by world renown engineer Joseph Sahyoun and team, the Quake 10.0 is musically perfect, with a tight and distinctive transient response. 
  • Smallest - Only 3 9/16" tall and 6 3/16" wide the Quake 10.0 can satisfy more space limitations than any other tranducer on the market. 
  • Almost Indestructible and It's Maintenance Free - With only one moving part,and a cast aluminum heat sink for heat disipation and protection, the Quake 10.0 is the only shaker you'll ever need to buy. 
  • More Bass Less Bucks - The Quake 10.0's unmatched combination of power, reliability and affordability make it the most comprehensive solution for your special effect needs. 
  • Features: 
  • Universal Mounting Option 
  • 5-70 Hz Frequency Response 
  • Less Than 7-inches Long and Less Than 4-inches Tall 
  • 2-Ohm Military Grade, Flat Wire Aluminum Voice Coil 
  • Thermal Protection 
  • Cast Aluminum Heat Sink 
  • Applications: 
  • Home Theater 
  • Mobile Audio 
  • Gaming 
  • Platforms 
  • Music 
  • Animal Training 
  • Military 
  • Impedance 2 Ohms 
  • Recommended Amplifer Power 40 - 1000 Watts 
  • Dimensions H = 3 9/16" • 90.4875mm W = 6 3/16" • 157.1625mm D = 3 9/16" • 90.4875mm
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