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Directed Essentials Car Audio Amplifier Installation Accessories

8,4,2,0/1 Guage Amplifier Installation Kits

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Directed 8,4,2,0/1 Guage AWG Amplifier Installation Kits
  • Directed Audio Essentials offers three Amplifier Installation Kits and three Amplifier Power Kits. The Power Kits have all the power accessories you need, while the Installation Kits provide power plus audio interconnects, speaker wire and accessories to finish the job right! For those who can’t afford to lose! 
RCA Interconnects


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Directed 2/4 Channel RCA Interconnect Cables
    Silver Series Audio Interconnects
    Directed Audio Essentials Silver Series RCAs offer maximum value in premium signal transfer, with silver foil shielding, clear jackets and white/blue molded ends. They say it loud and clear! 

    Platinum Series Audio Interconnects
    Step up to Platinum Series Audio and A/V interconnects and Platinum Series Audio Y-Adapters, with silk braided jackets, clear molded ends and twisted pair construction. Platinum Series’ directional design helps eliminate ground loop noise. 

    Expert Series Audio Interconnects
    Directed Audio Essentials Expert Series offers the ultimate in high-end signal transfer, with black chrome metal ends, black chrome splitters and the finest twisted pair construction. 

    • 99.9 percent pure oxygen-free copper stranded cable 
    • Twisted pair signal path construction 
    • Directional coaxial drain shield design 
    • Shunts induced noise to ground 
    • Provides maximum noise reduction 

    Your install deserves the best: Expert Series! 

    Audio Adapters
    The Remote Power Adapter and Speaker Level to RCA Adapter each won the coveted CES Innovations Award and deservedly so! The former provides an amplifier switching solution captured directly from any speaker wire with a 2-3 second delay. Two or more Remote Power Adapters can create a component turn-on sequence when the system includes signal processors. (Much better than a relay for turningon amps!) The Speaker Level to RCA Adapter can convert a regular speaker output to a pre-amp level, high-impedance signal, ready to drive most amplifiers. Adjustable signal level and DC decoupling make this the solution of choice.

Connection Terminals

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Directed Battery Ring Spade Gm Sidepost 0/1 2 4 8 10 G AWG Terminals
    Battery Clamps
    Polished metal, electro-mechanical infrastructure in black chrome, these powerful clamps deliver all the power your audio system needs and will keep looking great while doing it! 

    GM Sidepost Adapters
    Standard and dual cable sidepost solutions from Directed Audio Essentials make GM vehicles fair game for intense aftermarket audio installations like yours! 

    Ring and Spade Terminals
    The most under-rated connections there are, Directed Audio Essentials does Ring and Spade Terminals right: 1/0, 4 and 8 gauge Crimp Type, or (if that crimps your style) 1/0 and 4 gauge Set Screw Type. Spade Terminals available in 8, 12 and 16 gauge. They look great, and sound even better! 

Power/Ground Distribution Blocks

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Directed 0/1 , 2, 4, 8, Guage AWG ANL/AGU/Mini Wafer Fused/Non-Fused Power/Ground Distribution Blocks
  • Distribution Blocks

  • 100 percent brass blocks are carefully machined, then hard-plated with black chrome for optimum current transfer, long-lasting aesthetics and reliability. 

    Distribution Fuse Blocks
    Hard-plated black chrome, 100 percent brass blocks incorporate heavyduty AGU or ANL fuse holders to minimize impact from surge and excessive power conditions. Two styles with digital voltmeters for easy monitoring of your system’s supply voltage. 

    In-Line Fuse Holders
    Water-resistant, O-ring fuse holders provide maximum protection wherever moisture may be present and deliver zero loss current transfer for your audio system. Widest range of power handling configurations to handle the demands of any system, up to double ANL! 

    ANL Fuses
    These mighty wafer fuses are the perfect choice to protect high power audio systems. Available in various sizes to handle current levels of up to 300 amps. 

    AGU Fuses

  • These durable glass fuses are the workhorses of any install, effortlessly handling between 20 and 60 amps, as rated. 
0/1, 4, 8 Guage
Power/Ground Wire

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Directed  0/1 ,4, 8, G, Guage AWG Competition Power / Ground GND Amplifier Installation Wire
    Power Cables
    Rugged 99 percent oxygen-free copper power cable from Directed Audio Essentials is built from ultra-fine strand twisted wire bundles, then wrapped in a tough, flexible, temperature-, puncture- and oil-resistant insulating jacket to deliver the maximum current. 
Audiophile 12 / 16 Guage Twisted  Pair Speaker Wire

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Directed AudioPhile 12 / 16 G AWG Guage Twisted Pair Speaker Wire
    Speaker Cables

    Ultra-fine strands in twisted bundles of 99 percent oxygen-free copper, Directed Audio Essentials speaker cable delivers all the current your system demands, plus the maximum signal strength per rated gauge. Armored by a glossy, flexible insulating jacket for ease of installation and maximum protection against signal degradation. Available in two styles: Flat style for easy runs and stylish twisted pair cables for maximum noise reduction and visual impact! 


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